About Red Meegs   レッド・ミーグスについて  

Artist Profile アーティストのプロフィール

Born and raised in Minnesota, USA.  Living in Japan since 2011.  Artist, haunted house actress, and concert-goer.

She has been drawing from a young age.  Her grandfather was a professional artist and kept an art table with supplies just for her and her sister in his basement studio and always encouraged and supported them.

For formal training, she took a few drawing classes in high school and university.  However, most of what she does currently has been self-taught through a lot of experimentation and trial-and-error.

In 2009, she interned at an art gallery and event as a student in Tokyo, Japan.  This opened her up to the world of Tokyo’s underground art and changed her life completely. She realized there is a place for everyone and their art in the world, regardless of background, style, medium, etc.  and eventually decided to start taking art more seriously, not as a hobby, but as a way of life.  She began believing in herself as an artist and pursuing the passion that had always been there.  She is always trying to grow and evolve as an artist. 





Artist Statement アーティストのコメント

I am mainly inspired by music (especially loud and noisy music) and I aim to capture what I hear and feel in a visual way.  I am always trying new things and consider my style as still evolving however,  it could be best described as either graphic art nouveau or noisy & abstract.  I enjoy painting portraits of women and flowers to express beauty, mystery, and the nuances of femininity.  I paint abstracts and anatomical hearts to express more intense emotions as a way to release and connect with others who experience the same. I draw skeletons and harmless horror for fun, in the same way I enjoy, Halloween, ghost stories and, haunted houses.  I believe my work exists in a world similar to, but not, ours - somewhere between this physical world and a supernatural one, between this material world and our mental one. 

I am inspired stylistically by Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Tim Burton, and local underground artists.  
My usual mediums are acrylic paints, pens, and paint markers.